Shimmer and Shine is the pathway that will guide you to accept and allow abundance ​in your life...….Shine On!


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Shawna worked in traditional medicine for 29 years and decided to listen to her guides and embrace her destiny.  She is a Spiritual Life Coach that has studied mindfulness, meditation and mastering manifestations.  She is certified in Reiki and blends her talents and understandings into her own methodology of healing in the practice of guiding and empowering women around the world to step into their light, and SHINE!  Shawna is an intuitive healer, and an empath.  She has an in-depth ability to see what is blocking you and help provide the tools to clear it. As a natural born motivator and executive she has been a speaker at many large events, corporate conferences and small group venues. Shawna offers private one on one sessions or small group gatherings as well as life changing retreats in some of the most spiritually maintained places in the world. She sees herself as a guide to helping women of all ages step into and embrace their power so they may stand fearless in the light of their truth!

"May we all come together and connect, play, learn, create and discover that we are light and we are love"       

~Shawna Joseph​

Amazing Testimonials

I was so blessed to be able to attend the 2019 Hawaii- Shine On retreat! It was truly life changing. Shawna is so classy and heart centered in her approach to all. I have never felt so at ease in anyone's presence like I did with her. She radiates joy, warmth, love and empathy. She helped me so much to push through what has been holding me back- I have not had a single anxiety attack since the retreat- a true miracle!

~Holly     Oregon